Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You'll be the death of me

Yesterday was...I don't even know.

lemon chicken for dinner(200)
2 pieces of banana bread(250)
500 calories total
burned 300.

I had to make banana bread for my sister but it is seriously like my number 1 binge food. I love hate it sososo much. But whatever, I guess it could have been worse right? Today is gonna be amazing. Just watch.

Planned intake-
oatmeal(70) or yogurt(60)
2 egg whites(34) and half slice of banana bread(70) -estimating high.

The banana bread was originally for tonight because we're having breakfast for dinner so I have to have it. Also if I allow myself some then I won't binge on it.
So hopefully my total will be just about 180ish.

Well i'm off to go get some school done. I'm so freeeeezzzinnnnnggggg girls. I hope you all are having a fantastariffic day.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's definately spring time. My mom and I decorated for easter today and I haven't eaten a lot. So far it's only been 1/2 cup of cherrios(50) and tonight i'm making butternut squash risotto(about 200). That's all im planning on having, but my mom wants me to make banana bread so someone might force me to eat that. But whatever im gonna burn at least 400 cals. on the elliptical later so i'll be in the negatives. This is the best sunday i've had in way too long.

I know everyone says this, but I feel really, really motivated to loose this weight. I used to let myself have free days almost every weekend but I don't even want to do that anymore. I just want to eat the bare minimum to get by. I hope everyone is having a great weekend and hopefully losing. Weight that is haha.

25 followers! :O If i'm not following any of you lovelies don't hesitate to tell me to. I love all you girls so so much! Your comments always make my day so much better.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's get down to business

Today was fine I guess. It should have been better. A lot of low calorie foods that add up. Tomorrow is a new day though and I need to do better. I know i've just been hovering around 112 and 111 and I have to get lower. Calories last longer that cravings.
2 rice cakes(70)
veggie puffs(100)
1 1/2 cups of cheerios(165)
Total- 605 calories

I need this weight to come off or else i'm going to scream. So i'm gonna go burn 400 calories on the eliptical. Tomorrow i'm only eating whatever I have to shove down for dinner and a clementine. Fuck yeah.
Love you alllll<3

P.S- I'll love you forever if you realized that the post title is from Mulan. Disney movies ftw.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh hello.

Oh hey laptop:D I feel so much better with my laptop back.

Intake for yesterday-
Luna Bar(160)
Frozen Yogurt(100)
Rice and beans(250)
Rice cake(35)
In- 575

Elliptical- 250 cals.

So yesterday was fine. Could have been better but I definately don't feel a gain or anything. I've stuck to my not weighing for a week and I think it's helping. Today i'm only gonna have, yogurt(60) clementine(30) dinner- mango chicken(200).

Oh! Haha I can't believe I didn't tell you guys this. So a couple days ago when I said in my post that I had so much to tell you guys? Well I forgot about a doctor's appointment my mom told me about a loooong time ago. I went and everything was fine but after he weighed me he was like "oh you've lost a few pounds since your last appointment(which was also a loong time ago). I don't want you to loose anymore, okay? You're already under-weight." And being the good little girl I am, I smiled and was all like, "Oh yeah I don't want to loose anymore. Sometimes I just loose without thinking about it?" Hah, yeah right. Well I wasn't exactly going to say, uhm no. I want to loose like 6 more pounds haha.

So i'll being posting long posts again and commenting and stuff. Love you girlies<3

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I get my laptop back tomorrow. I'll post then. Love you girls so much and so, so sorry for being a crap-tastic blogger.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


is a killer. I think that might be why my weight is stuck. So I had a luna bar(160) for lunch instead of my usual yogurt and then tonight i'm having chicken and rice(180-200) and then i'll have a jell-o(10) for a snack later. I'm pretty happy about this and hopefully it'll help me get off these nasty pounds.

So i'm pretty sick of my ballet school. I'm moving to San Francisco this summer(extremely excited about this!) and I cannot wait to get out of here! I love ballet more than anything but I find myself not wanting to go to class sometimes because I really dislike my studio. It's a really sucky situation.

I looked at my school calender today and I think i'm going to be done earlier than I expected! I only have a couple of weeks left of science and everything else is about the same:) Yay for summer!

Sorry for all the rambling! I hope all you lovely girls are having a wonderful day<3
xo Skylar

Monday, April 4, 2011

We'll carry on.

My chemical romance is my favorite band. ever.

So after this bad, bad weekend I gained a pound. I feel so ashamed but I will get this off and more! I am so determined now. I have decided i'm not going to weigh everyday though. I'm probably going to wait until friday but we'll see how it goes:)

I am so tired of school at this point. I have some big tests coming up and I just want to get the done with and get this year over with! I'm supposed to be in a virtual math class right now(im in virtual school because I dance all day) but instead i'm watching spongebob and blogging:D

All you girlies are way too sweet. I definately don't deserve your kindness:') I'm re-reading wintergirls this week to motivate me, it always works. I'm sticking with my plan of as low calories as possible which should definately work, right??

Okay I should definately go to this class. Love you girlies so, so much!
P.S- To any new followers, if i'm not already following you just comment telling me to follow you! Or else I might nevverO_O
Sorry dramatic, weird moment.
Oh and p.p.s- Still no laptop so my post's are really boring right now:( So sorry girlies.